Your pet deserves to look and feel their best! Grooming not only makes your pet look great, but did you know it has health benefits as well? Besides giving your pet a clean and pretty look, your groomer may notice skin conditions such as rashes, infections, changes in hair growth or skin tumors.

In our rugged Wyoming environment there is a lot that can “get under your skin” when you’re an active dog, like grass seeds or cockleburs. Along with tight hair matts, these pesky things can damage the skin causing pain and infections. Grooming can eliminate these hitchhikers before they become a problem so your dog can enjoy the outdoors day after sunny day.

Short haired animals can often get by with seeing a groomer a couple times a year. Certain long haired breeds, like Poodles and Shih Tzu, or Himalayan cats, need regular grooming every 6 to 8 weeks. Our groomer can also instruct you in daily care to maintain that healthy look at home. You will love the way your pet looks, and they will love the way they feel!


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